Yakuza of the End to have zombies, I’m suddenly much less excited

This is why people in Japan wear those masks

SegaBits reports that Yakuza of the End, the seventh game in the series, will have zombies in it.

I assumed this was a joke but noooo, something else I love has to have zombies crammed into it. I really, really hope this is a dream sequence, or a minigame, or some kind of weird non-canonical part of the game.

I am so damn tired of zombies being shoved into every nerd property because people will eat this crap up. The undead have become the bacon of fictional media. With breakfast, it’s amazing. Bacon is a fantastic entree but I don’t need it on every pizza/sandwich/milkshake that I ingest throughout the day.

“Why don’t you just not order bacon?”

Well in this case, I may have to.

[source: SegaBits]

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  1. I don’t think anyone saw this coming. I don’t think anyone COULD have. Just.. bloody what? I’m kind of hoping it goes the whole hog as a Sega franchise and works around into being a House of the Dead cross over like Zombie Revenge.

    Seriously though; WHAT?!

  2. …I…I just…


  3. Actually if it turns out to be a House of the Dead crossover I won’t be AS mad

  4. I never expected what I said on the “The End” teaser would even be a little close to what it would have actually been.

    “The more I looked at the image I kept thinking about Resident Evil. Then I thought about horde modes. Maybe this is like and alternative universe type of minigame. It has no relation to the actual game’s story but is a what if scenario and you have to run around fighting the undead with nothing but fist, bicycles, signs, and other objects in the world.

    Or that’s just a terrible idea and I should have kept it to myself.”

    It feels weird when your predictions are even somewhat right. By the way, doesn’t the guy in the center look a bit like Jun Senoue.

  5. This has to be some sort of Guy Savage (MGS3 players know what I’m talking about) thing. For such a semi-realistic series to take THIS approach… I don’t buy it.

  6. If this is a fun side story (like Kenzan) I’m actually excited to try this out and see what Kazuma Kiryu can do to zombies. If this is an official Yakuza 5 then I’m kind of skeptical. The Yakuza series has always been a very realistic and last I checked there hasn’t been a zombie outbreak in Japan yet.

  7. It’s a non-canon story. One of the playable characters was killed in an earlier game. I’d love it if people would stop freaking out about this game “ruining” the series.

  8. As long as I get to punch zombies to death…um wait undeath? I’m not sure exactly but some sort of dead zombie but also I get to kick his limbs off 😀

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