September 2010


Not-So Classic Games: Panic!

I’m no fan of FMV games, but I understand that they have an appeal. When I played Wirehead, I really didn’t enjoy a lot of the game, but I’ll admit that the campiness made it almost forgivably funny. Panic! for the Sega CD, however, doesn’t have the lovable campiness. So…


Retro Review: Snatcher

The Snatcher I know and love is actually a remake. While the Sega CD version was released in 1994, the original MSX title came out way back in 1988. There was apparently even a Playstation and Sega Saturn version that we never received, meaning the Sega CD version is the…


MegaDriving: Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing

To think today that there was a time where Blizzard wasn’t some mega corporation rolling in the dough after creating the world’s most successful birth control products… Or that there was a time when nearly every racing game didn’t have some sort of star-studded soundtrack… It’s kinda amazing how time…