Buy a Yakuza tracksuit for only $900!

Do you love Yakuza? Have you got a pathetic $900 burning a hole in your pocket? Well why not exchange that incredibly insignificant amount of money for an official Yakuza tracksuit? The tracksuit is based off of what Tatsuya Ukyo (the hero of the Yakuza PSP game ‘Black Panther) wears in the game. The top and bottom of the outfit both add up to $900, and at that price, who could say no?

The outfit is only available in Japan at the moment so if you want to pick this up, you’ll need a plane ticket too. It looks so worth it though right? And when you finally wear it you’ll be able to know that you are indeed the biggest (and now, poorest) Yakuza fan in the West. Congratulations.

[Source: Kotaku]

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  1. Eff that, I want Kazuma’s Hawaiian shirt from part 3!

  2. SOLD. Getting that haircut, too.

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