Shogun 2 Grand Master edition revealed

Are you excited for the latest in the Total War series, Shogun 2? Of course you are, silly! Well if you’re one of those rich people and you are excited then you can get double excited because Sega have recently revealed a bunch of limited edition versions of the game. The most expensive being the ‘Grand Master’ edition.

This super amazing package will contain the game, an art book, a chess set, a bamboo box to hold this merch in, and finally some downloadable codes for armour. The collectors edition will feature all of that except the chess set, while the limited edition costs the same price as the normal game, but has the DLC codes for anyone who brought the game first. The collectors edition will cost $129.95 whilst the Grand Master edition will be $169.95.

Well, that’s some awesome swag for all you rich (and insane) fans of this series. Personally though I’d wait 6 months for it fall into the bargain bins, but that’s just me.

[Source: Games On Net]