Freaky Fridays Pilot Episode

And here’s the pilot episode for Alex Barbatsis’s upcoming Freaky Fridays podcast! Hopefully this will satiate your hunger for some SEGA podcast action since there was no SEGA Addicts episode last week.

Along with Alex Barbatsis in a vested bikini, you’ll also hear the sexy voices of Matthew Jay and Mr. Peanut as they discuss all things Resident Evil CODE Veronica.

Get it here.

Readers Comments (8)

  1. I am not a giant peanut D:<

  2. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I requested a three piece suit.

  3. @Stevie – If you’re not a giant peanut then what are you exactly?

    @Alex – Is it better or worse than what you had in mind? 🙂

  4. @Big Rig- A British human with a fez.

  5. @Alex B.: Don’t look at me! Big Rig told me you wanted to be in a sexy two-piece bathing suit with a vest on. I just follow orders around here!

    @Stevie: I’m afraid you are a giant peanut. Figured we should be the ones to tell you. 😛
    I can change it in future pictures, if being a human is THAT important to you. Personally I think it’s overrated.

  6. Hey when I hear two piece bathing suit with a vest I assume you mean you want to be drawn in a two piece bathing suit with a vest!

  7. I can confirm that Alex Barbatsis looks just like that, since I saw him at PAX.

  8. Code Veronica is the best or second best of the original four. How could you not like it? Nemesis is by far the worst. Nemesis should of been a side-story and Code Veronica should have been 3. The bow is actually the best weapon against those Bandersnatch ( I think that’s what they are called or stretchy armed guys).

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