Valkyria Chronicles 3 to get episodic DLC

For Valkyria Chronicles 2 fans could add onto the experience with 2 downloadable missions. However if you wanted more story out of them, you were pretty much screwed as they were their own separate things. However for those fans of DLC that strengthens the plot, Sega have planned some story-centric DLC for the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 3.

The first of these downloadable episodes will be called “The Restless” and takes place in a snowy mountainous area. The episode will have cut scenes and an exclusive weapon upon competition. There will however be separate mission packs as well for the game, so for those of you not bothered with Valkyria Chronicles lore, you have these tactics based missions to enjoy. Extra episodes (converted from Yen) will cost around $7 whilst the missions are just around $2.40. Sounds awesome for all fans of extra content, now we just need a release date for the game itself and we’re all set!

[Source: Siliconera]