Tony Harnell working on music for unknown Sonic project

Well good news for all you fans of cheesy inspirational punk rock. Tony Harnell (vocalist for many Sonic songs including the infamous Escape from the City) has hinted at recording some music for an unannounced Sonic project. Harnell last worked on the series providing many vocals and music for Sonic Heroes, so it’s surprising to see him enter the world of Sega again.

The hint came from a Facebook update in which he confirmed that he was again working with the company:

Sang the new version of Escape From The City today w/Ted Poley for the SEGA game Sonic The Hedgehog:) Great seeing all the guys again today. Cheers, TH

What? A new version of Escape from the City? Could it be? Well it certainly seems so, and personally I’m looking forward to more cheesy as hell rock songs in the future. But for now it seems we’ll just have to wait for more hints to reveal what this project could be in the future.

[Source: Original Sound Version via Sega Neptune]

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  1. So could this possibly mean that they’re remaking City Escape for the anniversary game? That is if the rumors that they’re taking the best levels from past Sonic games is true.

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