The Sega Addicts Giveaway Winners!

It’s time to announce the grand winners of our 50th Episode Giveaway Extravaganza! Before you read on and see the winners I would like to thank everyone who entered. We had a great turnout for this contest and it was incredibly hard to judge as there were so many outstanding entries. Also, we’d like to thank Sega and Nippon Ichi for us with some amazing prizes.

Now hit the jump to see some of the greatest header images of all time.

First place: Hyperdimension Neptunia Premium Edition & a copy of the Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl

Manic Maverick!

Second place: A copy of the Dreamcast Collection for 360 as well as the Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl


Third place: 3 winners will receive a Dreamcast hoodie.




Fourth place: Sonic the Hedgehog Gumball Dispenser Thing 2-Pack. This was found in Tom and Mike’s closet and may be over 20 years old! An image of the dispenser can be seen above and it stands about 3-4? high. The prize you will receive is actually a 2-pack of the dispensers still in the packaging. Once received if you videotape yourself eating one of the gumballs we may send an extra bonus prize. Oh yeah, we’ll also throw in a Sega Addicts t-shirt for this winner and a poster of yourself drawn in the Sega Addicts style by Tom!


Fifth place: 3 winners will receive a poster of themselves drawn by Tom in the Sega Addicts style.




Sixth place: 3 winners will receive a Sega Addicts t-shirt.




Congratulations everyone!

If you want to see the rest of the entries please go check out the original contest thread. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Also, I’ll be getting in contact with each of the winners but if you want to contact me first just send an email to



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  1. Oh my god, are you kidding me,
    I got beaten by a collection of random cartoons scrawled onto a piece of paper.
    I put alot of hard work into both of my entries.

    Last time I listen to a SEGA Addicts Podcast.
    U mad? Yes, I’m very mad right now :/

  2. LOL I was one off! Really wanted a hoodie, but thank you for second place!

    I’m glad Manic got first, that one definitely takes the cake!

  3. This is so bittersweet with what is going on in Japan right now. I’m so sad to see all the devastation

    • @Stooball – I agree its really awful what’s going on in Japan. It makes me thankful I live somewhere where major earthquakes are almost completely unheard of. Also, if one of the hoodie winners would be willing to trade you prizes I’m completely okay with that.

      @ROSEVELT – I understand you’re disappointment and the only thing I hate about running contests like this is the fact that not everyone that put in a good entry can win. We have to judge on a lot of different criteria and do our best to figure out the winners. No matter what we do there’s going to be someone who disagrees with our results unfortunately.

  4. I’m really thrilled that I won second place! Thank you!

  5. T__________________________________T


    I wish internet hugs were real hugs, because I would like to give out many of them right now. *Internet hugs*

  6. So dissapointed right now.
    Actually thought I had a choice in this one, I know not everyone can win but I kinda wanna know why mine wernt deemed good enough.
    I actually wanted to win something for once.
    Good luck in your future stuff Sega Addicts Team, it was cool while it lasted, cya.

  7. I’m actually pretty pumped about winning Third place. I realize that kinda weird to say, but the hoodie looks awesome. I was actually pretty nervous at the end with all the other great entries I thought I wouldn’t get anything! Thank goodness Francis sent me that image, we both went bananas when we heard. (I’m SO so sorry for that pun.)

  8. I’ve listened to SEGA Addicts Podcast for ages now and I bet half these winners don’t even listen, they just found the link through the SEGA Facebook and entered. -__- oh well.
    I’ve said what I needed to say..

  9. YES, CAPS-LOCK ALSO!!!!!!!

    I knew Manic Maverick would come first and I knew Stooball would come second,

    (Both definitely deserved there places and congratulations to them both)

    All I was hoping for was to be one of the other 11 winners.

    Thank You very much Sega-Addicts!!! 😀

    Now to wait for that email and listen to the 50th Podcast.

  10. Yey for entries winning after the deadline.

    Nice work everyone. (no it’s not sarcasm)

  11. Frick! Was REALLY hoping for a Dreamcast hoodie, but at least I lost to people who actually did submit better entries than me (especially Manic and Stooball).

  12. Great job, everybody! I can’t tell you how fun it was to see everybody’s entries! 🙂

    To those who didn’t win, don’t take it personally. I’ve lost enough contests to learn that it’s all about getting back on that horse and pushing your skills further. And if it makes you feel any better, Rosevelt, I really liked your title screen entry with the banana tree background. I narrowed all the entries down to about 20 that I liked most, then picked my 12 from those, and yours was in that 20. 😀

  13. Also, btw, it’s pronounced LIE-laps. I don’t know why everyone pronounces it LAY-laps.

  14. Risk-In-The-Kiss March 11, 2011 @ 5:52 PM

    Thankyou Sega Addicts, I can’t wait for my sonic gum ball disposer! 😀 😀 Well done everyone, you all did awesommeeeee!!

  15. Congrats to the winners. Special congrats to my buddy Stooball who did extreme justice to classic Sega characters.

    I think the guys judging this one did a great job with the placement

  16. Fuck yeah, hoodie prize is the best prize.

  17. Looks like I’m gonna be ebaying me a Dreamcast hoodie now

  18. make sure to copy and paste some sprites onto your hoodie when you get it Rosevelt ;D

  19. You guys didn’t like mine :(?

  20. Manic Maverick March 12, 2011 @ 2:25 AM


    I forgot that Hyperdimension Neptunia was for the PS3. I don’t own a PS3. So owning this game would feel like I’m completely cheating everyone who tried their best at winning. Thus, I think it would be best if my prize was sent to someone else, and vise-versa. Or something. I’m not sure. All I know is that there are others who could use this game, and I shouldn’t be the one getting it. I’m really sorry.

  21. :/
    Fuck you ‘jigger’
    Did you even see my second entry?
    Probably not.

    Wow you fucking drew a face and a banana,
    congrats on winning, no need to be a complete cunt about it.
    Fuck this site now seriously, its gone to shit.

  22. I…have…a….PS3 (cough) 😀

  23. …now I feel like a devious creep writing that last comment 😀

  24. @Rosevelt

    Yeah I saw that one, to, more or less the same thing, only instead of sonic sprites you used art from the top banner and a photoshop filter. good job

  25. @Manic – We can give the game to someone else and we’ll replace it with a Sega Addicts tshirt for you.

    @jigger & @ROSEVELT – you both can only say nice things from now on.

  26. I can’t believe the nerve of those whiny Japanese people. Complaining about some waves, when a dude on the internet didn’t get a free sweatshirt.

    Great Job everyone!!

  27. You did great Rosevelt, I liked the animated gif entry a lot. I need to learn how to do stuff like that, I’m really behind the times!

    Sega fans should stick together!

  28. I figured no one would like to see Francis P. Tassium strung out on SEGA pills while foaming at the mouth in an alley.

    My first idea was to have someone snorting the blue out of the SEGA logo with a plastic straw but that proved to difficult for me to draw.

    Now that I think about the 50th and 100th episode of anything should have an amazing and unique presentation that shines over all of the previous ones in the series. Something dark isn’t the best choice for that but rather something that uplifts the spirits and makes viewers (or listeners) excited and hyped.

    Long story short, I’m content with not winning. Still with SEGA would just sell their hoodies though instead of having to try hard at winning their apparel all the time. I’d own a Madworld hoodie and a Dreamcast hoodie by now if I could just have gone to an online store and purchased them.

  29. Manic Maverick March 12, 2011 @ 5:25 PM

    Alex Riggen:

    @Manic – We can give the game to someone else and we’ll replace it with a Sega Addicts tshirt for you.

    Okay, I’m good with that. 😀 Thanks! As long as it gets to someone. Congrats to whoever it lands with! Sorry again.

    Also, I’m a size XL, just in case you needed the info…

  30. Wow, didn’t think I’d make it in. Thanks so much guys! I really have to give a shout out to all the SEGA fans this time, though, you all really outdid yourselves. The sheer amount of amazing submissions was pretty eye opening. There are a lot of great artists out there, and an even greater amount of creative minds!

    Manic’s was epic and definitely deserved the top spot, and really, Stooball and MikeMov69 should have got all the spots after. All of their stuff had me in stitches. Some Da Vinci’s, there.

    I’m so psyched to be getting my own personal Tom art, though. Thanks again so much guys!

    Oh, and lawlz at ROSEVELT ceasing listening to the podcast because his entry wasn’t picked for a free contest. Funny that you thought you “had a choice in this one” when in the entry thread you wrote “All these last minute entries look to have completely ruined any chance of me getting a Dreamcast Hoodie now or probably any cool prize.” It’s no enviable task to have to pick a section of winners when everyone worked hard and when deep down we all share the same interests, but it’s Sofie’s Choice, and Alex and the boys should all be commended for their work, not meant to be felt guilty for choosing one or the other. All this work on the contest, podcast and website comes out of their free time (and who do you think pays for shipping, etc. on these prizes?). Shameful that you’d come on here and guilt them all for it, ROSEVELT. Good riddance.

    GamingFiend, your submission in particular had me laughing out loud. Yeah, maybe not the most inspiring for an anniversary podcast, but it definitely gets non-sequitur points, and I personally really dug the aesthetic with the cutouts and the forced focus. Again, there were so many great entries, nobody should feel bad if they didn’t get picked. These should all be preserved in some kind of page for years to come!

    Oh, and I’ve got a PS3 too and a cruel devotion to the JRPG (sorry for all those Shining Force requests, ha!) in case you haven’t yet found a Hyperneptunia suitor.

    Again, thanks so much for the contest guys, and for making being a SEGA fan something to be proud of once more with this great community!

    Here’s to another fiddy!

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