Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 50 – The 50th Episode Special

Winning header image above by Manic Maverick.

And here it is. The reason I started this podcast in the first place. I’ve always wanted to do a 50th episode! My life has finally been fulfilled. And at the young at of 25 of all things.

On tonight’s episode we were joined by none other than Sega’s Julian Mehlfeld to help us answer the mass amounts of listener questions we got. Speaking of listener questions a big thank you to everyone who sent one in. We tried our best to get through them all but due to time constraints we had to skip a few.

Also, in this podcast we announce the winners of our 50th episode giveaway and I highly recommend everyone check out the contest post on our site to see the winning entries.

Thanks to all our listeners and readers in the last year for making Sega Addicts what it is today! We’ll be back in month or so for more Sega podcastin’ goodness.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. What a great header you got there!

    Thank you for mentioning my other entries, I’m always willing to illustrate anything Sega related! Looking forward to the next contest 🙂

  2. Great send-off, guys, and well earned! Thanks, Julian, for joining along and answering all our demented fanboy questions. Speaking of questions, sorry to monopolize the bulk of them, but I do appreciate how you guys took to answering all of them. AIDS the Cat definitely has a good ring to it!

    Hopefully in your hiatus Mike will find the time to enjoy the glory of turn-based combat and the wonders of Shining Force!

  3. Bod Sagid. The road less traveled…

    Great guest. It’s real cool to see some insight and Sega is pretty open to their fans. It’s amazn.
    I’ve always liked how Kris was the smarmy one! See you guys in the future!

  4. Haha! That header image is amazing!

  5. Quality podcast, dudes. Glad you enjoyed my pun, haha!

    Great guest too. It’s good to hear that Sega employees are debating the same thing the fans do in regards to which games they would like to see brought or completed in regards to Shenmue.

    Kinda wished I was able to enter the contest, but the prizes are definitely well-deserved!

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