Destructoid live-stream to show off new Dreamcast release March 15th, 4pm PST

Now this is very cool. Destructoid host a live stream 4pm PST every weekday, for a little San Franciscan gaming tomfoolery. What’s really special is that Sega will be stopping by for tomorrow’s show, turning it into a Dreamcast classic showcase.

As well as that, they’ll actually be bringing with them a playable build of Sturmwind, Duranik’s new Dreamcast shooter, which you can see the original trailer for above. It looked pretty great back then, and if I wasn’t going to be miles above the earth’s crust I’d certainly be watching the stream to see how its shaping up now. I’m sure at least some of you will, because the Dreamcast sure as hell has more than its fair share of shmup fans.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. There’s no way I’m missing out on this. If it’s 4pm PST then it must be 8pm EST which means I have to wait four hours.

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