Man gets $9,000 Yakuza back tattoo

Last year Sega held a contest to promote the release of Yakuza 3. The winner would receive Kazuma Kiryu’s back tattoo from the Yakuza series. Well that tattoo is now complete! The 46 year old Australian man was under the gun for four hours every three weeks for six months to complete it. The tattoo is almost an identical match except for the Kanji lettering which was replaced with Korean. Fari Salievsk, the winner of the sweet tattoo, had this to say about it.


“Getting a tatt is making a statement that is with you for life so I do recommend it but it’s not something you rush in to.”

I’m incredibly jealous of him now. What do you guys think about video game tattoos?


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  1. Since video games are such a young art form, and since they skew to such a young audience, it is still a bit of a sticky point trying to figure out whether or not a video game related tat would be something that would stand the test of time. Sure, we’re all SEGA addicts now, but how about in 20 years when we’re raising a family, paying the bills and working long hours all at once. Not a lot of time for gaming, and interests do change.

    If I could get one though it would probably be like Alex Kidd punching from the Master System Miracle World cover, or some sort of 8-bit sprite. I have a friend with a Bubble Bobble on their ankle that still looks classy.

  2. Manic Maverick March 23, 2011 @ 1:24 AM

    While tattoos don’t often stand the test of time, I think this one would work out quite nicely in the long-run. It was originally a tattoo in a video game, and so if he stops gaming he’ll still have just a tattoo with a dragon that looks cool. Then again, he’s 46 and still has enough in him to get a video game tattoo, so it’ll probably take a lot for him to forget video games. Especially if he remembers his love for video games whenever he sees the tattoo. So yeah, I’m all for it.

    Though I’m personally not a fan of giant tattoos covering the whole back. Maybe on/near the shoulders and other places, but not sweeping across the whole thing. XD

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