Sonic chess set magazine rolls onto store shelves

You know those magazine things companies often fart out so you can collect each issue to eventually get a set of something? Well the Sonic franchise now has one of those, in the form of a collectable chess set. The magazine is only available in the UK and Ireland at the moment, so sorry US Sega fans. No chess for you. The first issue is around £2 while the upcoming one’s will be £7 a piece. You can subscribe on it’s website for each issue. It seems you can also get some cool trinkets with each subscription.

Personally I think this is a weird choice for a collectable magazine series, but I guess it would also be good to have your own chess set, granted that you spent so much money to get the full thing. What do you think though? Would you are will you be collecting this? Let me know in the comments. Let me know or I’ll do something you’ll regret.


[Source: Sega Memories]