Guardian Heroes releasing on XBLA this Fall. Online co-op. Remastered graphics. Holy ****.

I am literally too excited for my own good right now. Guardian Heroes is one of my all-time favourite Sega Saturn games and a fondly remembered Treasure classic. For those new to the series, it started off as a fantasy RPG style beat’em up and six-player fighting game before a departure to the Gameboy Advance which while interesting lacked the sheer super-coolness of the original game.

Treasure are now reviving it this fall for a remastered digital download on XBLA, featuring new HD graphics (as standard), online coop, Time Attack Mode, Arranged Mode as well as vanilla sounding Arcade Mode. The versus mode is also returning, however it will also include online functionality for up to TWELVE players. That’s right, while it misses out on the couch competition of six people surrounding a Sega Saturn I think doubling the total player count is a more than generous way of making up for it.

The reason for this release? Fan-response. So to everyone making requests of these major companies to release your favourite titles or future installments, they’re definitely listening, and for making this release happen I personally thank you. Expect a review of Treasure’s most recent release, Bangai-O Missile Fury, in the coming days.

[Source: Siliconera – Yes, we want that Panzer Dragoon Saga remake too!]


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  1. That is amazing news. Guardian Heroes is one of the classic Saturn games I’ve never had the chance to play. It’s release can’t come soon enough.

  2. I’m excited too, hoping a lot of the slow down will be addressed during the more hectic situations.

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