Bayonetta sequel hinted and retracted

OK this story is just odd. First of all when responding to a fan’s tweet about a possible Bayonetta sequel, Platinum Games founder Hideki Kamiya replied with: “This week… in a game magazine…” That’s right according to a translation he just hinted at a Bayonetta 2. Awesome! Can’t wait! Well I couldn’t until Platnum Games producer Atsushi Inaba, responded with another tweet stating that “There is no such announcement!”

So it seems like our hopes were dashed almost as soon as they were raised. But could this be the end of the story? In the past Hideki Kamiya has commented on his hopes for a sequel, but could it already be in development? What do you think? Is this the last we’ve heard of Bayonetta or will be indeed see something this week about a sequel? Let me know what you think in the comments!

[Source: Now Gamer and Euro Gamer]

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  1. Considering Vanquish and Mad World did not take off at all but that Bayonetta earned both critical and retail success, both in Japan and America, I think it’s only a matter of time before a sequel is announced. Would be nice to see the beginnings of a new SEGA franchise!

  2. They could make a franchise out of it, especially ever since Capcom mishandled DMC. But do they want to, that’s the question…

  3. Maybe they can make a simple flash game where you destroy Enzo’s car like it’s a Street Fighter Bonus stage.

  4. I agree that if any of the Platinum series could take off it would be Bayonetta. Then again, Bayonetta just proves how crucial marketing is for anything.

    I’m looking at you, Anarchy Reigns. >.>

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