Sega isn’t bringing Valkyria Chronicles 3 to the West

Well it is indeed a sad day everywhere for Valkyria Chronicles fans as it has recently been revealed, that a localisation of the next instalment is not coming to Western shores. In an article from Gamespot it was noted that due to poor sales of the second title, there was no justification to bring the third to anywhere else.

Sad news indeed but there is a slim silver lining. When asked about a downloadable release on the PSP Hiroshi Seno, said that they would make a decision the next time they meet with Sony. So crossing your fingers looks like your best option, Sega fans. Just keep with us and I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with this now Japanese exclusive title.

[Source: 1UP]

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  1. Alternate title: SEGA Destroys The Hopes And Dreams Of Many Loyal Followers

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