Platinum Games develops Metal Gear Solid Rising, now called Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance

Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta and Vanquish, is now working on Metal Gear Solid: Rising for Konami. The game gets a new subtitle, “Revengeance” and the trailer leaked early. While this isn’t strictly Sega news, Platinum Studios has done some amazing games for Sega and I think they will do amazing work elsewhere too!

[Via Joystiq]

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  1. I had little interest in this game initially, but now play on buying it. Platinum is currently one of my favorite studios.

  2. VERY good news. Platinum is one of the few developers who regularly make this kind of action packed cinematic game but still utilize some semblance of creativity and insanity while doing so.

  3. In other news…”Revengeance”? Really? A) How is that a word? B) WHY is that a word?

  4. @Flake
    Yeah, I was surprised by that one too. “Revenge” and “Vengeance” pretty much fall in the same ballpark of words… Isn’t combining them kind of redundant? I usually really like most of MGS’s subtitles titles, but this just sounds like a bad Scandinavian death metal band.

  5. They really needed a word with the ‘Re-‘ prefix that wasn’t used yet. So they made one up.

  6. They should have called it Metal Gear: Revengeance REMIX for added coolness. I liked the way it looked back when Rising was it’s name but I can’t get mad at Platinum at all. In fact, I think I’ll add this to my Platinum collection along with Anarchy Reigns.

  7. Maybe the terrorist group involved are the Revengers?

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