ChuChu Rocket and Brick People free for iPad users till Sunday

Well the third iPad is out today and to celebrate Apple’s crass consumerism Sega has put a sale on two of their most popular iOS games! And by that I mean they are absolutely free! That’s right from today and tomorrow both Brick People and ChuChu Rocket are free for iPad users. The promotion ends after tomorrow so I’d pick them up quickly before the price tag comes back!

Pretty awesome huh? Free swag is always cool and this is no exception. Have any of you guys picked these up before? What were your opinions? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. I’m not a follower of iPads or Apple products in general, but is the iPad 3 out already? I sure hope not. I work at a trouble shooting help desk for a large consumer printer manufacturer, and new Apple products are the bane of my existence. But at least least they can have fun with some Sega freebies while they figure out AirPrint. Yay!

  2. Yeah I’m a bit peeved myself that it’s come out so soon. Got an iPad 2 a couple months ago and there’s already a new one out!

    From what it seems there’s no difference apart from resolution and better time either. Apple just needs to slow down.

  3. Thanks for telling us about the freebie

  4. Man I wish there was some more love for Android. All the apps and freebies the app store has makes me want to switch over.

  5. I already owned these, because they were cheap and I loved Chu 2 Rocket on the Dreamcast, and wanted to play it again on the iPhone, and thought Brick People looked so sweet, wish I could have played it in an arcade though, not as fun with imaginary bricks you swipe in from the sides.

    • Maybe I haven’t played enough Brick People but I found my short time with it to be a little underwhelming. The gameplay was probably a little more entertaining in the arcade.

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