A bit more footage of the Panzer Dragoon track from Sonic ASR Transformed

Playstation Access this week has a brief feature on Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, with a snippet from a producer on the game, as well as new footage of the game’s Panzer Dragoon circuit.

It’s not much more than we’ve already gotten, but there’s still a couple new peeks at how the flying sections work. Looks pretty cool for my money at least.

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  1. i hope the flying parts will be good. thats what i looking foward too the most

  2. I’m surprised to say that I’m really getting pumped for this thing. The “DRIVING, BOATING, FLYING…AT ONCE” gimmick may not be entirely original, but seeing it done on an HD console is exciting. The boating looks like it’s inspired by Hydro Thunder too, which has me even more interested.

    Also, this isn’t Sonic’s biggest mouthful of a title. That goes to Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Hands down. Come on.

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