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  1. Been gone since around the Generations ep. I have been hearing some bad reviews for sonic 4 lately and was looking forward to hearing yals thoughts. I was really sad to hear that you guys did not like it very much. I got it and I love the tails part and really enjoyed the music. I really liked how they fixed the mechanics. I skipped the first episode which is one of the only sonic games I have skipped because the mechanics where bad but 2 is amazing. Level design I think is good. I think this is finally an original game that deserves to be called Sonic 4.

    • I didn’t necessarily hate episode 2 but it felt extremely average to me. Especially compared to the great experiences I had with Colors and Generations. There’s also something about Episode 1 that I enjoyed more too and I think it comes down to the fact that there’s no Tails gimmick and the level design was more to my liking. Episode 2 is an okay game but I wouldn’t be surprised if I never play it again with the many other great Sonic games available.

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