Sega vs Capcom, Part XXVI: !Mas Luchadores!

 !Hola, compadres!  ?Quien esta el caracter para esta semana?  !Cliquea aqui!

Okay, enough of my terrible Spanish.  But the point is valid: more wrestlers!  Max Thunder isn’t the only brawler in Sega vs Capcom who can rock a pair of tights and stomp mudholes at the same time.  That said, who remembers a little game called Pro Wrestling for the Sega Master System?  It’s best known for having the worst cover art in history, but the game itself was actually pretty good, if not a bit rudimentary.  And arguably the toughest muchachos to enter the ring were The Great Maskmen!  It actually never mentioned if they were from Mexico, or had anything to do with South America, but their masks were quite guapo.




That’s all for this week!  Tune in next time for more characters you don’t remember!  Sooner or later we’ll bust out some Platinum action…


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  1. I was trying to remember the game he is from, thinking of the other Pro Wrestling on NES lol. But then it hit me like a sack of bricks:


  2. Ha, ha! Yeah, that’s the one. Infamous. XD

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