Sonic 3D Blast reference found in Metropolis Street Racer

Little obscure cross-game references pop up all over Sega’s vast library, but few are as subtle and surprising as this one. Eleven years after the initial release of the great Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast, Tracker_TD of Sonic Wrecks has uncovered an audio cameo in its jazzy, Sonic R-esque soundtrack.

Listen closely to the chorus of the track “It Doesn’t Matter,” and your ears will be graced with the very distinct music of Green Grove Zone Act 1, the first zone in Sonic 3D Blast. It seems like an outright bizarre correlation to make, until you realize that Richard Jaques composed the soundtrack on both games.

A fascinating discovery indeed. I just hope Jaques wasn’t waiting for people to unearth this for more than a decade.

Hit the jump to hear both songs side by side.

[Source: RadioSEGA]