Sega could be releasing a Dreamcast collection for PS3/ Xbox 360

You read that right, kids! Recently a listing on GameStop’s website was made for an unannounced game called Dreamcast Collection. The page had the game’s release date and price (those being February 15th and $29.99). No games were detailed, or box art, just this basic information. I’m referring to this in the past tense by the way, because it seems Sega mysteriously took it down.

Awesome huh? Well if you haven’t got a Dreamcast and are just gagging to play it’s games on one of your new fancy consoles then maybe this can be your answer. Let’s just wait until Sega officially reveals it before you get your hopes up though.

[Source: 1up]

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  1. Please let this be true and with games that aren’t always recycled. I’m looking at you Crazy Taxi. Would be nice to see a Segagaga translation but I won’t hold my breath.

  2. What the hell. That’s the second Dreamcast publicity still I’ve seen with a US console and a PAL controller. Did the PAL consoles have an orange swirl sometimes?

  3. @ matt jay

    Doubtful, more likely that its a marketing fail.

  4. Super sweet. Also, I forgot the Dreamcast controller only has one analog stick, I thought it had two for some reason. I haven’t played a Dreamcast in forever.

  5. Since I have a healthy DC library, I’m not really chomping at the bit to get individual download releases, but this is something I’d be more interested in if done right. I loved the Genesis collection and all the added incentives it offered (achievements, save states, etc.) and it could be fun to tear through some DC favorites in the same manner. I’m wondering how many they’d be able to fit on a disc, though, since a must-port game like Shenmue probably comes close to taking up a DVD by itself. I fear it instead will be something like Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio bundled together, or something uninspired like that.

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