The Dream(pod)cast Episode 2: Sonic vs. A Wet Dude

Dream(pod)cast Episode 2 header

It may be hard to believe, but the Dream(pod) cast was no flash in the pan. That’s right: we’re back for another burst of white and orange nostalgia, this time joined by none other than fellow Sega Addicts writer and Project Justice fanatic Flake!

This week, we’re discussing the bestselling and most polarizing game on the Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure, and along the way we’re tackling such fruitful and scintillating topics as our first Dreamcast gaming obsessions, Flake’s unlucky beginnings with his “Sonic Adventure Machine,” and our collective desire to construct a giant Martin Luther King Jr. composed entirely out of Dreamcasts.

What are you waiting for? LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE!

If you’re looking to play along with us, we’ll be talking about Power Stone 1 and 2 for the next episode!