The Sega Addicts Kids Table: Episode 68 – White Mice and Midget Gems


Oh look who it is again to ruin your day… again!

That´s right (I say that a lot in these posts) The Sega Addicts Kids Table has invited you into their humble abode for some scones and crumpets! Why those snacks specifically? Well usually the show has more of an American slant but because John happens to be off this week, Michael Westgarth has joined fellow Brit Stevie to confuse the all-American Josh with sweetie names.

There´s also talk of the new Bayonetta 2 trailer and the possible future of a new Sonic cartoon. Oh and (WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK) this picture which we find during the latter conversation. Click at your own risk.

So grab your dolly mix and enjoy yet another fun journey into the minds on madness!

Download it here!

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. I love how Josh knows non of these sweets you speak of! XD Used to love Pick and Mix!
    I thought white mice where made of chocolate! 0.0
    I’m amazed they don’t have peperami and all these sweets in america!
    they’re not Lays they’re walkers! =P

    I’ve seen better MLP to clop to! ;3 XD =P

  2. Michael Westgarth July 16, 2013 @ 2:11 PM

    Midget gems.

  3. Possibly my favorite episode, because I was just as lost as Josh.

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