Articles by Gwen Dog Opacich


Sonic Cameos: RPG Edition

Long before Sonic had his own RPG with 2008’s Sonic Chronicles, he was already making cameos in various other titles in the genre.  The Blue Blur has been seen in such series as Phantasy Star and Shining Force.  You can catch Sonic’s cameo exploits after the jump.


Classic Sonic’s lips are sealed

It looks as though Classic Sonic will be taking a page from Nintendo’s Link by remaining silent.  Sega of America’s Assistant Community Manager, Aaron Webber, verified that Classic Sonic will not have a voice in the upcoming Sonic Generations.  He noted that this choice was made to appeal to retro…


Golden Axe prequel to be released

Sega enthusiasts can add yet another fan game to their list of upcoming releases.   Golden Axe Myth is to be released this Wednesday.  The game takes place before the original Golden Axe and features Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, Death Adder, and Gilius Thunderhead as they fight to get the Golden…