Shining Wind trademark protection renewed by Sega. Implications ambiguous.

So, the Shining series is an odd one, starting off with a some great turn-based RPGs before becoming a much more action based series as it progressed to the PS2/GBA. At least that’s as far as I understand it, because the last game they actually published in Europe was Shining Soul II on the GBA in 2002. Ridiculous!

The news today is that it’s been reported that Sega have renewed their trademark protection on Shining Wind, the title of their most recent Action RPG entry (Shining Feather came later, but was another Tactical RPG). As to what this means, no one is exactly sure. It may just be for a rerelease/port of the PS2 game (since PS2/PSP ports seem to be all the rage these days), or it may be the first news we have of a new game in the series. It’s interesting alone in just the fact that Sega are still supporting the series for this long, as Shining in the Darkness was among the first RPGs ever released for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Glad to hear that it’s alive and well though, even if I don’t get to see it as often as I’d like to.


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