Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5.2 confirmed as next Dreamcast downloadables

I know. What the hell were they thinking with Sega Bass Fishing? On the other hand, Space Channel 5.2 (Or Part 2, but that’s a bugger to sound out) is exactly what I was hoping for with this series of digital reprints.

Space Channel 5.2 is of the 2nd game following the exploits of Ulala as she reports the news, dances, rescues hostages, indulges in shoot outs with curious looking aliens and dances some more. Part 2 is most infamous for featuring Space Michael as a hostage to rescue to later battle a singing robot. That would of course be Michael Jackson. A 500 year old Michael Jackson. Yep.

Sega Bass Fishing is about fishing for Bass. Probably.

Both games are set to arrive ‘Early 2011’, so look forward to those with the customary 720p visuals/trophies and all sorts we had from Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure. Sorry to all Skies of Arcadia holdouts. Hang in there!

[News and Image Source:Eurogamer]

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  1. Hey, don’t diss Bass Fishing. Though it won’t be the same without the rod peripheral.

  2. Sega Bass Fishing wasn’t bad although I don’t have much desire to play it again. Sega Marine Fishing on the other hand was a little more exciting.

  3. It’s fine, it’s just again one of those games you just tended to have, along with the fishing rod, on the Dreamcast. In contrast, Space Channel 5 Part 2 is one of the rarest PS2 games in the entire EU. Maybe tackling their ‘worth’ that way isn’t such a great plan, but it just sort of irks somehow.

  4. Wow! Makes you wonder what games are next.

  5. I’m still hoping Capcom will release Power Stone on the PSN with online and leaderboards.

  6. That would be nice. They did release the Power Stone collections on PSP so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I personally want to see some Dreamcast games released that haven’t been re-released already. So far, all the games announced aren’t that hard to find. I’m guessing the Space Channel 5.2 is going to be the PS2 port since it never made it over to the US on the Dreamcast.

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