Binary Domain first trailer released!

Remember that Binary Domain trailer I was talking about? Well, here it is!

It’s absolutely nothing like what I was expecting from the Yakuza Team, but then it does sort of put Yakuza: Of the End in context, now appearing to be a more sensible bridge between traditional Yakuza and this.

For the most part it appears to be a more urban/realistic take on Vanquish, with just military badasses fighting an encroaching robot threat, but the full trailer reveals a pretty big switch on the format which has me a lot more interested than I thought I’d be. That final image of the woman with her baby is going to be the most enduring reminder as to why I’m going to be following this as much as possible.

Platform is confirmed as 360/PS3, and the squad-based shooter is being said to have a strong online component. No release dates yet, but an EU/NA release is looking pretty much confirmed given that it was posted on the Sega America Blog.

So, everyone getting hyped? Or does it look a little standard to you?

[Source:  Sega America Blog]

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  1. I almost stopped watching that trailer half way through. Glad I didn’t because the ending has me intrigued.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to this now. The Yakuza team has usually been with Sony correct? Since I have an Xbox, I’m pretty interested in this now. Hopefully it is not going to be a big let down.

  3. I’m with you Kris. 90% of this trailer was some of the most generic stuff I’d ever seen. It’s hard to say too much until we have actual gameplay but I hope the twist at the end is more like the actual game than the generic squad based shooter action.

  4. The art direction is very disapointing…
    They are trying too hard to please the West, like they didn’t knew their western fans adore the charismatic, semi-realistic semi-stylized look they are know to give their games.
    Binary Domain seems so bland…

    Still, I am hoping the story Nagoshi-san wants to create (the existencial drama that puts in check what it means to be alive) will balance things in terms of this game «spirit», as it were.

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