Yakuza of the End redated for June 9th

As you probably know, Yakuza of the End was supposed to come out in March. However after the earthquake Sega felt it would be inappropriate to release a game where zombies destroy Japan. Sega recently announced that June 9th is when Japan will see the game.

Some of the profits from sales will go to helping Japan restore itself. The first run will have a sticker on them that says “Ryu ga Gotoku Ganbaro, Nippon!”. As I don’t speak Japanese I’m told Ganbaro is stay strong, and Nippon is land of the rising sun which is a nickname for Japan.

I still hope we see it in the west.

[Source: Andriasang]


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  1. I’d say for sure we see this. With zombies and a name that’s not just another number in the series, it has the most potential for crossover appeal. And I’ll be getting it fo sho.

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