Sega trademarks ‘Samurai Bloodshow’

With a smorgasbord of Sega games coming out you may be surprised to find out that the company indeed has another game on the cards. Well they have a name for it at least. That’s right the amazingly titled ‘Samurai Bloodshow: Les Vagues Blanches, Les Nuages Rouges‘ has recently been trademarked for the USA.

However along with a trademark, Sega has also brought out a logo (as you can see from the header image). Either way, we know very little about this game so far but it seems we may hear some information quite soon. I’ll keep you updated on this game until then.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. The logo reminds me of the original game boy. Maybe a downloadable title in the vein of old portable arcade ports?

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