Sonic Cameos: Super Nintendo Edition

During the 1990s, many school yards were divided after being engulfed by the console wars of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.  Despite these hectic times, Sonic’s presence was still felt on the SNES.  How could Sega’s mascot have appeared on their rival’s console? Find out after the jump.

After beating Donkey Kong Country 2, you will be brought to Cranky’s Video Game Heroes.  Cranky Kong will rate you upon how many DK coins you have collected.  In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, Sonic’s shoes can be found next to a sign that ranks him as a “no hoper”. You can catch Sonic’s shoes in the video above at 0:29.

While inside of Booster’s tower in Super Mario RPG, you will encounter a hall filled with portraits of Booster’s villainous ancestors.  Upon further inspection, you will notice that one of his ancestors looks almost exactly like Dr. Robotnik.  You can catch the portrait furthest to the right at 0:10.

He has the same facial structure, bulbously nose, massive mustache, and glasses of Dr. Robotnik.  The only major difference is the beret they slapped on him.  Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

In Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2, Yoshi visits the cave of Harry the Hedgehog.  It is inhabited by a blue hedgehog who runs extremely fast after taunting you.  Though it isn’t a traditional cameo for Sonic, Harry the Hedgehog acts as a blatant parody. You can catch Harry at 0:30.

Sonic’s cameo retrospective is far from over.   He has also been spotted in platformers, horror games, sports games, and even making cameos on television! Stay tuned for more of Sonic’s cameos.

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  1. Congrats on the sharpest eye in all of videogamedom. Love the Donkey Kong Country cuss! Looking forward to the other ones.

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