Sega finally announces Aliens: Infestation!

Well, about damn time! Sega just announced via it’s Twitter feed that Aliens: Infestation will hit the Nintendo DS this September. An ESRB rating for the game popped up earlier last week, already describing to some detail the game. You can also check out the first screens over here!

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  1. This reminds me of the scene from Aliens, where Hudson is staring at his motion detector and the aliens are coming in from all sides!


    Aliens games everywhere!

  2. Those screenshots make it look like the game could have come out on the GBA.

    If this is $20-$30 I’ll grab it as a fan.

    Otherwise, why are they bothering with the DS right now?

  3. @ScottyMoFoSho
    You might not believe it at first, but you can sell more copies of a DS game right now than a 3DS game. The installation base for the DS is huge and since there are almost no games coming out, you can always fill the gap, since production costs are really low.

  4. @Swen Wohl
    Very true, very true. I guess I’m only expecting movie-based junk to be released on the DS from here on out, but I’m happy to be proven otherwise.

    If this has any form of online multiplayer, that will be amazing, but I’ll be happy to play something until Colonial Marines launches.

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