Sega is getting back into the Hardware business!!! According to Walmart…

According to this Walmart ad, Sega is returning as a console manufacturer. Okay, that’s pretty much an outright mistake by some confused employee… Or is it? One can always dream…

[Source: gonintendo]

  • Stooball

    Hehe I used to work for Walmart…not the brightest bunch over there :p

  • Bradkal

    Unfortuntaly I think they mean BY not and…

  • Manic Maverick

    You know, I saw this elsewhere. I nearly died, then realized it was a typo. Then I nearly died again.

    So, today I see it again, and you know what!? I thought it was actually happening again. My dreams were crushed twice by a single image.

    This is how supervillains are made.


  • Pretty amazing. I wonder if anyone will get in trouble for that. If not, I would apply for only that job just to mess with people.

  • I’m picking this up for my Xbox 1.

  • grolt

    omg dreamcast 2 is for realz!!!!!!!

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