Persona 4: The Golden getting an anime adaptation

The big news coming from Atlus this week, teased in an announcement just days before, is that Persona 4 is yet again getting an anime adaptation, this time based off of the Vita exclusive Persona 4: The Golden. The above trailer debuted on the Dark Hour TV ~Persona Hour livestream event, and shows us Yu Narukami’s arrival in Inaba during Golden Week, as well as brief shots of P4G‘s new character, Marie.

The new series is slated for a Summer 2014 season release, and unlike previous Persona anime adaptations, which were mostly handled by AIC ASTA, Persona 4: The Golden: The Animation will utilize the same team behind Persona 4‘s FMVs, A1 Pictures. The series is said to be a complete retelling of the game’s events, as well, instead of just the Golden-exclusive scenes.

Can anyone else think of a single RPG that’s been milked as heavy as Persona 4 has been? Not even Final Fantasy VII (or XIII, for that matter) can even touch the insane amount of spinoffs and adaptations that P4 has had. Adding to that, the fact that we’re getting another full adaptation of Persona 4 seems like a waste of time, when they could show do something like Arena instead. Regardless, I’m excited for this. The previous series was well done, and I’m hoping this will have the same charm to it.

And more Naoto. Please lord, more Naoto.

Source: SiliconEra


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  1. You’re so right, persona has had this 1 year mega explosion of love that we haven’t seen an RPG get since FFVII or X. Sadly the only persona I own is on the ps1 since they don’t release them on my consoles 🙁

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