Randy Pitchford is still trying to defend Aliens: Colonial Marines for some reason


You would think that Pitchford would just let things go and let people have their own opinions about Aliens: Colonial Marines, but no, Mr. Randy can’t face the facts. And there are visual facts that the end product was nothing compared to the demo or pre-release videos. Those aside, Pitchford continued defending himself to Twitter remarks,

A false demo created after product was finished would be dishonest. To share intent with work-in-progress should be encouraged! The alternative is to never discuss any upcoming game until it is completely finished and available for purchase.

Maybe they should have actually tried the ladder approach instead? Pitchford goes on to say,

Please compare E3 demos for HL2Starcraft 2 and GTA 3 to final. There are *still* people bitching about differences in each. Would you deem a creature/vehicle/mission demonstrated not in final game as incomplete product (as in each case mentioned)?

All three of those games ended up being amazing final products though. Still months after the game’s release, Pitchford seems to be struggling with the fact that people are unhappy with the final product.

I’m not sure if Pitchford just has too much pride for the products he is involved in, or if he honestly thinks Aliens: Colonial Marines is a good game, but either way he should probably just stop talking about the game and maybe people will forget about it.

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Maybe he just has terrible taste.

    • Also a possibility! Not everyone loves Borderlands. I’m in the small percentage that enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever though…

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