Alpha Protocol Gear Now Available In Home

"Even night vision goggles can't help me see why people use Home."

Sega America’s blog reports that new gear from Alpha Protocol is available in Playstation Home. I’m sure someone cares?

They list the new items in their post:

For Male and Female Avatars

Alpha Protocol Baseball Cap (headgear) – A classic choice in headwear. Show your support for Obsidian’s Modern Espionage RPG!

Alpha Protocol Tactical Vest (torso) – The perfect companion every good spy needs to have all their gadgets and tactical tools ready at a moment’s notice.

Alpha Protocol SWAT Utilities (Legs) – Serious utility pants for serious tactical situations.

Alpha Protocol Helmet (headgear) – Every good spy knows that when the bullets start flying you’ll need a helmet to make sure you don’t lose your head.

Sie’s Beret (headgear) – Need something sexy, dangerous and of course stylish? Try this beret worn by the fierce and unpredictable ex-Stasi operative.

Alpha Protocol Night Vision Goggles (headgear) – The elite G22 demand only the best in enhanced optics for their top secret incursions. Now these custom goggles can be yours.

Alpha Protocol Tactical Vest with Grenades (torso) – Fitted tactical vest equipped with incendiary grenades, just in case things get out of hand.

Alpha Protocol Logo T-Shirt (torso) – A very stylish choice in t-shirts. Show your support for Sega’s Modern Espionage RPG!

Alpha Protocol Tactical Vest with Knife in Shoulder Holster (torso) – Fitted tactical vest, with a stealthy knife that is always within reach. Additional vest options for pistol, rifle, knife, pistol & knife, pistol & knife & grenades, pistol & rifle, and shotgun options available. Pick the option that best suits your playstyle!

Alpha Protocol SWAT Utilities with Pistol on Leg Holster (legs) – SWAT utility pants with pistol, the cornerstone for any tactically minded agent. Additional leg option with only a knife or knife & pistol available for when you want to get in close.

Male Avatars Only

Michael Thorton Suit – Get decked out head to toe in the gear worn by Michael Thorton himself.

Female Avatars Only

Sie Costume – Sie puts bullets in faces. Lots of bullets. Lots of faces. This female predator has a tough look to match her hunting habits.

Scarlet Lake Costume – Get the look of one of the award-winning and multifaceted photojournalist from Sega’s Modern Espionage RPG.

They also included some codes that can be redeemed in Home for some free gear.

You might remember from the Sega Addicts podcast that out own Jim Sterling was not a fan of Alpha Protocol giving it a 2.0 out of 10 on Destructoid. Alex Riggen was a little nicer with a C+. And I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that liked Home. Especially not Jim.

[source: Sega America Blog]

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  1. There certainly is a lot of stuff released for a poorly-reviewed game on a poorly-reviewed service. I wonder how well is could possibly sell.

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