High Voltage says Wii hasn’t unlocked full potential

The Wii isn’t known as the best graphical power house on the market, but almost surprisingly High Voltage Games’s Art Director, Matt Corso thinks that the console can be pushed as far as the team is doing now with it’s Conduit games. When asked about the capabilities of the Wii and if the visuals can be pushed he responded:

Yes. It definitely can, but you need a lot of experience with the hardware. I would say that Conduit 2, in many ways, is not really achieving the system’s full potential. Every time we do a game on Wii, we find little advancements we can make with the hardware that we didn’t know we could do with the last game.

Personally I agree. With other Sega games such as Sonic Colours and the visually interesting Madworld it seems that Sega, of all company’s are proving that the Wii can in fact push above it’s own weight in terms of graphics.

[Source: Now Gamer]

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  1. After playing Sonic Colo(u)rs, I can’t agree more. The Wii is a fantastic console but a lot of games just can’t seem to get the graphics right.

    Then again, graphics haven’t really meant much to me in games. But when a game is fun and beautiful (i.e. Sonic Colors & Mario Galaxy) it’s incredible.

  2. I remember Sega doing some pretty amazing things with the Genesis, while other developers were hit or miss. The SNES seemed to be the more powerful system (I’m not a tech guy, so don’t quote me) but they s

  3. …still managed to make titles on the Genesis that amazed me at the time. Same goes for the Saturn etc

  4. Bless their hearts over at High Voltage. You just have to admire their spirit.

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