The Conduit being ported to Nvidia's Project Shield


It appears that Sega’s Conduit series will live on. A recent listing on Nvidia’s Android marketplace, TegraZone, clearly labels The Conduit as TBA for the system. Nvidia representatives have stated that High Voltage Software is developing the Android port but no other details have been released.

It’s good to see that The Conduit series is still alive and well but I’m hoping that this isn’t just the first game ported to Android. The first game in the series was only memorable for it’s use of the Wiimote and without that you just have a generic FPS. The second game would be a better fit but even then I think the game will suffer without it’s Wiimote specific controls. Now, an entirely game in the series, developed with Project Shield’s features and controls in mind would be the best situation, but also the least likely.

What would you like to see? Would you replay the Conduit games on a portable device and do you think they’d be a good fit?

[Source: Polygon]

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  1. I wonder if Sega has something to do with this port. Maybe it’s just High Voltage trying to get some money out of the name, as they try and salvage all those cancelled games (The Grinder, Conduit 3DS, Animales de la Muerte)…

    • Why hello, Sven! You bring up a good point. I wonder how much of the Conduit brand Sega owns. Did they only buy publishing rights for the Wii release or do they have some ownership of the series itself? So far there’s no mention of Sega in High Voltage’s Android release.

    • The sites that I saw this story on referred to it as ‘Sega’s The Conduit’, but I also had the same thought as to whether or not Sega really have anything to do with this. As far as I’m aware, Sega haven’t ported anything quite like this to Android before apart from maybe Virtua Tennis and Jet Set Radio. Not that they couldn’t, but I just don’t see why they would do it above porting a 3D Sonic game, or something with stronger branding.

      And hi Sven, by the way!

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