New Shining Force: Cross Raid trailer teases western fans

Shining Force: Cross Raid is an upcoming instalment in the ever popular Shining Force RPG series. The gameplay is said to be very similar to the Phantasy Star Online games and certainly looks like a ton of fun from that trailer. What’s the catch? It’s an arcade game. In Japan. Exclusively.

Yes unfortunately you reading this may never get a chance to try it. Unless you have enough money to get a plane to Japan just to play it. Which in that case, can I have some of your money Mr. Branson?

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. This would be a perfect XBLA game. I doubt it will ever happen but I’d be willing to spend my money on it.

  2. Despite the fact that SEGA seems to have no understanding about the Shining Force brand, that game still looks like a ton of fun. Wish it would come here. I think they don’t realize the franchise’s potential in the west because every game they’ve put out post-Saturn has been as far removed from the strategy RPG genre as possible. SEGA seems to love the formula for PSO, and it is a strong one, but I think with the success of Mass Effect or the continued success of Final Fantasy that there’s still a market there for straight up RPGs. Try it once, please…just give us a core Phantasy Star or Shining Force (hell, I’ll take a Landstalker 3 or a Dark Savior 2) and see how it sells. And if you won’t do that, then at least bring over all these Shining games you keep making in Japan!

  3. i remeber playing a shining force game on genesis and not knowing how to save

  4. @Alex, well, kind of. There’s Lady Stalker, which was released in Japan only for the Super Famicom. Kind of a weird anomaly, but still considered canon, I guess…

  5. @ninjajosh You have to go to a church in any town, and there you can talk to a priest to save your game. Knowing that now, I know you’re going to go back and play it!

  6. @ grolt
    i was young when i first played and always wanted to g o back and play but never did. might someday

  7. Dammit. Part of me is sure if the Dreamcast was still around this’d find its way there alongside Zombie Revenge or Cannon Spike.

    After Scott Pilgrim and Guardian Heroes I hope someone looks at the situation and thinks ‘Hang on. People like beat’em ups!’

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