‘Dean’s Face Acting: Episode 2’ includes Deep Fear!

Proving that you can be creative with terrible voice acting in videogames, this guy does some brilliant face acting while using sound clips from a variety of games more or less known for their… lack of quality in the acting and writing department. There are quite a lot of early CD-based games in there, so it’s only natural for some Sega Saturn games to make an appearance. Resident Evil, House of the Dead and Deep Fear make an appearance, among other games.

Now, I’ve never played Deep Fear myself, but I did hear quite a lot about the quality of the voice acting in that particular game. This video certainly underlines that by featuring two clips from it. Did you know Deep Fear was the last Sega Saturn game to come out in Europe? Me neither!

Also: Hi! I’m the new guy!

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. I am quickly growing addicted to these. I had to watch the House of the Dead 2 clip at least 3 times. Couldn’t stop laughing.

    In other news… welcome sir!

  2. Welcome to the pack.

  3. Welcome to the site, Sven. That’s a good post to start things on. I’ve had the Japanese version of Deep Fear for years, and I’ve tried playing it a bunch not understanding any of the menus or anything, and considering how aloof and corny it all is, playing it in another language sort of just adds to the appeal. This guy could have some fun with Double Switch, D or Congo on the Saturn, too.

  4. Welcome new guy!

  5. Thanks for all those warm welcomes! I really appreciate it!

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