Check out this amazing Sega Addicts fan art by 100

When I emailed the winner of our previous contest, 100, to obtain his information on where to ship his prize I was not prepared for the amazing email I’d get in return. Not only did he have incredibly kind words to say about our podcasts and website (including that we have “gumption, dignity, and character befitting to any professional” which leads me to believe he might be listening to a different show), but he also created 15 amazing images showcasing all the Sega Addicts in real life situations.

Truly amazing work, 100, I can’t wait to see what the rest of our readers and staff think of the images.

Hit the jump to see all of 100’s fan art.

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  1. Holy shit these are amazing!

  2. Oh man, this is incredible! Nice going, 100! This makes me so thankful to have people reading our site. I love that I’m chilling with a dog in one. Oh, and John is going to freakin’ squeal when he sees that you’ve made him a Storm Trooper.

  3. oh my god.

    i’m raiden.

    this is fucking AWESOME.

  4. Frickin amazing! XD I loled! ^^ Stevie and his dinosaur!

  5. I like me some manga! So jealous of stevie’s dino tho! Anyone else see the possibilities of a disney movie from these pics? Well done, Mr 100!

  6. Scott Morrison:

    Anyone else see the possibilities of a disney movie from these pics?


  7. Tom is speechless. @.@

    …except for this:

    100 is a total BADASS. ^__^ Awesome job, man! And thanks!!!

  8. I have so not deserved this! It’s amazing!

  9. My mind is blown.

    These are incredible!

  10. I really just want to live in this world.

  11. WOW….. Just WOW. I wish I had such a talent!

  12. 100, you are my hero! Seriously, though, wow, is this like, real? I mean, it’s too much goodness to show in one comment box. 100, congrats, you’re amazing.


    <3 you

  14. told ya John would freak.

  15. @ Bradkal. It’s funny that you say that. Because my family and just about all my friends laugh at that one.

  16. Thank you all for such a grand reaction.
    Here I was trying to show my appreciation for your podcast and it was kind of over shadowed by your thanks.
    But the sentiment is duely noted.

  17. I am as a matter of fact working on turning my art into a show but still don’t know weather to go with youtube or a network.
    I don’t know….
    but you guys keep up the good work and I’ll keep working on figuring out where I’m headed. Glad you guys liked them. take care,

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