New Dreamcast game Sturmwind still a thing, coming in April

We’ve been hearing universally glorious things about Duranik and Redspotgames’ upcoming shooter for what feels like an eternity now. When they missed their prospective release date last year, the latest addition to the Dreamcast family sadly drifted into the periphery.

Well it seems that celebrations are in order, as the developers have announced that Sturmwind is indeed still coming, with a new release date of April 24th. With a total of 7 worlds made up of 16 stages and 20 boss fights, this thing sounds like no small adventure for your beloved box o’ dreams. I don’t know why you wouldn’t have your Dreamcast as a permanent fixture in your living room, but if you don’t, it’s time to drag Rocky out of retirement.

You can read the silly faux-military press release after the jump. Tell me you’re as excited as I am.

[Source: Sega Driven]

The fierce enemy‘s troops have already reached our world‘s doorsteps and we are running out of time! Our reconnaissance drones have detected 16 promising locations for our search of „Mother“, the planet of our living ancestors.

After several development steps by Duranik and redspotgames the launch date for your mission is clear.

Sturmwind pilots, your all-dominant mission will begin on April 24th 2013. All documents will be sent to you until this very date.

Fight over 20 boss enemies in 16 levels. In addition to the so-called “Award Trophy System”, there will also be an internet highscore list in which your performance can compete against each other worldwide.

Your wings of steel are now our last resort.

Stay ready for further instructions. Over and out.