Bayonetta 1/4 Scale garage kit debuts October 10th at event being held far too far away.

The 48,000 yen ($574/£362), 67 piece kit you see above requires the builder to both construct and paint it into hopefully the visage illustrated. Seeing as I don’t have the skill to build even a wooden paper-tidy, or the £362 to buy the kit PLUS whatever the cost of the flight I’d have to take to get to Hobby Round 4 being held in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City, I may have to skip getting this one. Which is a real shame, as this kit was actually created under the scrutiny of both Platinum Games and Sega, hopefully ensuring a great attention to detail. Something which is incredibly important as the completed figure stands at an impressive 380mm tall. I guess it would also dwarf my Evangelion too, but since both spend most of their time battling angels maybe they’d actually find some common ground.

All things considered, it looks great and I’m glad to see that even with the awesome Vanquish soon to hit store shelves, Bayonetta hasn’t been simply forgotten for the newer, shinier toy. Thanks go to Andriasang for the news, who are also hosting more detailed shots to fawn over should you wish to.

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. Pretty sexy, but I’m sure if I had to paint it she would end up looking like Mickey Rourke.

  2. Super sexy! I wish I had the money.

  3. With hair like that, I think Danny Trejo is an absolute certainty from me.

  4. Why is she…uh…



  5. Machete don’t text.

  6. It so expansive, the max I am ready to pay for a figure would maybe be 100$.

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