Contest: Win a Jet Set Radio hoodie!

We’ve got a problem here at Sega Addicts headquarters: 10 Jet Set Radio hoodies and no one to wear them. After some brainstorming we’ve come up with the grand idea of running a contest where the 10 best entries will be rewarded with a Jet Set Radio hoodie to do with as they please. (We recommend wearing it to formal social gatherings)

How do you enter?

To enter all you have to do is create something that combines the Jet Set Radio aesthetic with any other Sega license. It can be a character from another Sega game drawn in the JSR style as if they were a character from the game, you could turn another game’s logo into a JSR graffiti tag, remix a song from one game and turn it into something more JSR-sounding and any other idea you can think of. All you have to do is make sure and post the image or a link in the comments below and you’re entered!

The contest will run from August 8th until midnight on August 22nd. On August 24th we will be announcing the 10 lucky winners of a Jet Set Radio hoodie! Good luck!

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  1. ok here is my entry, take a close look at each character and you’ll see which character they resemeble.. šŸ˜‰


    • i love both of these (if you look at my entry, the reason should be obvious). i toyed around with the idea of other Sonic characters in the Jet Set environment. where you have Amy as Gum, I decided to go with Blaze. i put Amy in the spot of a Love Shocker, more because of the two characters roles in their respective, and I didn’t see Gum as a love interest for Beat, so I was trying to avoid that comparison. love the art styles, and i love that you included a Wisp! i couldn’t think of what to do with the headphones, very creative.

      • Oh!! I see that you have lots of plannings behind your idea! and thank you so much! I still find my entries little quiet messy..
        I tried to find your entry through out the comments.. but I didn’t find it.. well, today is the day.. the announcement for the 10 lucky winners!! I saw lots of great, amazing works.. no wonder why I wont win.. ;P

  2. – 10th entry, a remix of To The Sea And The Continent Beyond from Shenmue. – 11th entry, mix of Bonfire by Childish Gambino, that same Shenmue track with the long title, and a beat I made months ago.

    Also, some of my entries have some p hard profanity in them, are those even able to win?

  3. Whoa, all of these are so good! Have fun choosing a winner Alex!

  4. Here is my entry. Took me since the contest was announced… Well, just cuz I have 2 kids to look after aside from work…

    Anyway, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity X Jet Set Radio HD (starring my main character, Aki Yoruno).

    English version:

    Japanese version:

    If someone could please test these and make sure they’re visible I’d really appreciate it. Posting them through my Facebook account, so no idea if they’re visible to those without accounts. Thanks!

  5. As expected, I didn’t have enough time to finish stitching my entry, so here it is.

    It is based on one of the Jet Set Radio graffitti tags.

    The pixel art:

    Virtual stitches:

    How far I managed to get:

    • Ohh.. that looked so nice!!
      I’m sure if this piece was completed, you probably will get to the top 10!!

  6. I cant create stuff so Im just gonna take credit for every comment so far! =P
    Darn you people having more creativity then me! XD =P JK everyone

  7. Risk-In-The-Kiss August 21, 2012 @ 6:15 PM

    Wait is it August 22nd midnight in UK time too? Is it even available in UK? :O gidhfdhsfi

  8. For my entry, here’s what I think Beat and Sonic might look like if they were combined:

  9. ok, initially i only wanted to post the finished product, but due to the lameness of my computer, and total lack of art related software, it came out looking like i didn’t draw it. so i included my “stages” pictures too. let me know if the links are not working correctly. p.s. i literally have nothing to color with, which is why i tried to color it in on pc. the original sketch looks way better IMHO.


  10. Wait, I’m pretty confused. I’m pretty close to having my submission done. And it’s 2:30 am on the East coast of the US. Is it too late to submit? Or do we have until tonight? [11:59]

    • according to the contest, you have until midnight on the 22nd, which should be today for you. so keep going, you’ve still got time!

  11. Not long to go now!

    As much as I desperately want to win one of these hoodies, it would be unsporting not to wish everyone else luck.


  12. Thanks a lot, both of you! You have no idea how much that means to me!!

  13. Well here’s my entry for the contest. It’s called “Escape from Captain Eggman Onishima!!

    Hope you like it and it wins!

  14. Here’s my submission. Can you spot all the Sega? Sega!

  15. OK! Here’s my entry! Tried to mix sonic into the sketch style of the JSR characters :]

  16. Final (again!) fourth entry, hopefully the fact this is hand drawn and took forever counts in my favour =D also love for Ristar, best Sega soundtrack ever!

  17. Y’all got like 9 hours to do this, son! Good luck and all that.

  18. Hello my name is Yokal. I’m a student from the Netherlands.

    The reason why I take part in this competition is because the Jet set radio and the Panzer dragoon franchise have something magical and timeless for me.

    I made a digital collage of a young graffiti artist called Orta.

    Hoep you like it:


  19. Hello my name is Yokal. Iā€™m a student from the Netherlands.

    The reason why I take part in this competition is because the Jet set radio and the Panzer dragoon franchise have something magical and timeless for me.

    I made a digital collage of a young graffiti artist called Orta.

    Hope you like it:

  20. Finally finished mine.

    Finished Bayonetta piece:

    And two sketches from other submissions I couldn’t get to in time. xD’

  21. This contest rocks. Great stuff so far, have fun choosing the winners-
    Here’s my entry- it took quite a bit of time but hopefully it pays off- I’d love to win but also hope you guys enjoy the picture!

    Some of my favorite Sega dudes decked out like some of my favorite Jet Set Radio characters!


    Weh I dunno if my last post worked so im doing it againnnn, 5 mins left. ah welllllll. Unfinished, bedtime weeeeee

  23. Good luck to everyone that entered been some awesome art submitted šŸ™‚ Thanks for the contest guys šŸ™‚

  24. Just wanted to let everyone know that since this is based on US Central time there is still 5 hours to go in the contest as of this comment.

  25. I had a feeling it was. Since I’m up, might as well try doing another!

  26. I thought I’d give it a go as I really really want one of those hoodies šŸ™‚

    Not sure on my chances as there’s loads of great pieces that people have produced but I didn’t realise it ended today so I’ve been working hard after I got home from work to get this together which is why it’s a little rough around the edges.

  27. Great entries so far!

  28. This sucks…My internet modem has crashed and I didn’t send it back because of this contest.

  29. But now I can’t get my picture in. I sent it to their email so they can at least see it, but I don’t think it counts. ( – . #)


    Last one. A bit rushed. But I’ve had fun doing it. Great comp! šŸ˜€ *heads to sleep*

  31. Excellent theme for the contest! JSR was a very important game for me. Here is my entry:

  32. Whoops. Messed up my link. Anyways, here’s my piece featuring Billy Hatcher and NiGHTS in My own Jet Set fashion:

  33. Here is mine. Great job, everyone! [img][/img]

  34. My host is really acting up, Here it is on imgur, haha

  35. FARU LOL


  36. So many entries…! šŸ˜®

  37. Alright. Here we go.
    And here’s each character alone.
    Arle (Puyo Puyo):
    Billy (Billy Hatcher):
    Honey (Fighting Vipers):
    Miku (Project DIVA):
    NiGHTS (NiGHTS into dreams…):
    Sonic (Sonic the Hedghehog):
    Ulala (Space Channel 5):

  38. Wait… Did I miss the deadline by two minutes? šŸ˜
    Honestly, it would have been good to know it was central time in the ACTUAL post since I still have about an hour left where I live. =3= I shouldn’t have to read all the comments to know what the real deadline is.

    ?…. Hoping that I still get to compete.

  39. Yo I’m p hype for the winners, real talk.

  40. I wonder when the winners will be announced? The tension is killing me!

    I doubt I’ll win, but it would be a definite high point for me if I do! šŸ™‚

    • Sumimasen, I think you are definitely in the winners circle!

      lol you have a fun name. For a second, I thought I was interrupting a conversation by saying it

      • Thanks! I wish I had your confidence!

        I came up with the user name a while ago, as I was learning Japanese at the time. I started apologising to other racers in PGR3 in Japanese when I hit them, and it kinda stuck… šŸ˜‰

  41. As of right now the contest is closed. Anything that’s been posted so far will count for the contest so everyone is safe. Now, comes the hard part of picking the 10 lucky winners. Good luck everyone!

  42. Oh, and the winners will be announced sometime tomorrow (the 24th). We’ll likely do it in two places. In the podcast episode that goes up tomorrow and we’ll be doing a big post that shows all 10 of the chosen entries.

  43. Great work everyone šŸ™‚ fun contest

  44. Argh I’ll be in work here in the UK! Will have to keep nipping away to listen! Good luck everyone and thanks SA for the contest =D

  45. Just wishing everyone good luck for the announcements today! You guys have produced some really great work šŸ˜€

  46. Well that’s it winners have been picked with runners up as well congratz to everyone that won and took part šŸ™‚

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